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3 November 2015

U2F (Yubikey) support in Firefox

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Unfortunately at the moment (2015-11-03), U2F protocol is still not officially supported in Mozilla Firefox: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1065729

U2F protocol is mainly promoted by Yubico company (who is selling Yubikeys)

Finally, Firefox 57 (called Quantum) supports U2F protocol but for the moment (2017-12-17) it’s not enabled by default. Here is how to enable it:

  • Type about:config into the Firefox browser.
  • Search for “u2f”.
  • Double click on security.webauth.u2f to enable U2F support (the value should be set to “true“)

Source: https://www.yubico.com/2017/11/how-to-navigate-fido-u2f-in-firefox-quantum/

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